Taking Limited orders at this time. I will only be filling 30 orders per month, this way I can focus more time and attention on each individual customer and their needs. Sorry for any inconvience this may cause. It was never my intent to become a commercial holster company so I have conducted a complete overhaul and returned to my roots. Strictly custom order Holsters and accessories. There are many great holster manufacturers out there that offer great products fast. If you need it "now" please shop around, I am sure you can find what you are looking for. If you want a truly custom set-up built for your specfic needs, and are willing to be patient then you are at the right place. Thank you for your continued support! Check our eBay store for many great ready to ship holsters, over stock, and Factory Blems.

Available to order = Product is available to order at this time.

Out of Stock = All available slots are full. Please check back daily for available slot.

Please read below.

CURRENT "ESTIMATED" SHIPPING TIME 7/26/15 In the mail in 30 Business Days 

  1.  We are Fulltime Law Enforcement during the day. Please contact us through email with any questions or concerns. Your email will be answered ASAP. We are here for our customers. Thank you for your business!
  2. If you can not wait the entire 30 Days Please Do Not Order. NO RUSH ORDERS
  3. No Phone Orders. Sorry for any inconvinience. All orders must be placed in this store.
  4. Pay Pal is the only payment we accept. You DO NOT have to have a PayPal Account
  5. All Holsters shipped with 1.75" Mounting Hardware. We No longer stock any other sizes.
  6. SHIPPING - We only ship USPS to the United States. We ship to any Military base.
  7. DISCOUNT - We offer a 10% discount to all Law Enforcement, Military active or retired. All instructors, Security and First Responders. Please be honest and reserve this code for those who serve.  DISCOUNT CODEleo-military
  8. WHEN ORDER IS RECEIVED - Follow all firearm safety rules. Set the holster up to your liking and apply some form of thread locker to all screws (blue locktite works well). Train with you new equipment and ensure it functions to your liking. 


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